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Dominican Rapper Red 6xteen Is Changing the Drill Rap Game



Some argue that hip-hop has many beginnings. First in jazz, in the form of scat songs and rhythmic speech patterns. In the second half of the disco, with the final effort to fight anti-black and anti-homosexual denials of the day, music formed a sound alliance with funk and entered a new era. Hip-hop not only created a world of black geniuses and pioneers, but was later recognized as the basis for the entire political movement that is being continuously studied from coast to coast, but we enjoy it today. We have set a blueprint for genre fusion, across the music spectrum around the world.

A head like me can come to understand the ever-evolving nature of rap music and the unique shapes it can take, depending on where its creator and participants live. I understand that. For example, in the Dominican Republic, a young female MC of the bubbling generation is not shy about occupying a new space and helping to popularize homemade music, such as: Dem Bow..Female like Gailen La Moieta, Tokisha, When J Noah Not only does it broaden the breadth of rap music, it also disrupts last year’s heteronormativity in a bold style.

Given the unique Caribbean roots of hip-hop, Red 6xteen..Her petite 5’5’height is almost modest at face value, but she still outperforms her competitors with songs like: “La Moneda” She skillfully introduces herself as “tuversion femenina del messiah”, or the arrival of the female messiah. A 21-year-old woman from Los Flyless in Santo Domingo is J.Call or La Insuperable As some of her greatest influences, however, she’s settled on a trap derivative of drill music. Drills are a special style of trap music that started on the south side of Chicago and has become more prominent in recent years.

In rare cases, you will not come across a woman with a drill. We rarely meet women like red, blacks, Spanish-speaking women, or bisexual women. Historically in a country and industry full of racism and homosexuality, Red finds her personal haven in the production of ominous subgenres and ominous drills. “When I want to express myself passionately and frankly, I look at the musicality of the drill and what it can lyrically bring me out,” she told POPSUGAR.

If red shows where the black diaspora-wide hip-hop music can go, it’s clear that the door is open for more commanding and androgy Spanish moderators in the future. is. Her latest audiovisual, “Zaza” It is advertised as her official introduction to the game. In an exclusive interview with POPSUGAR, a young Dominican artist finds out about her musical influence, the state of music in the Dominican Republic today, and what she wants to see more from a female Dominican artist like herself. I shared it.

Pop Sugar: Tell us a little about growing up in your home.

Red 6xteen: The best way I can define it is to be mature. From such an early age, I was conscious of likes and dislikes. What I wanted and what I didn’t want. I knew my responsibilities at home. It’s the type of life experience that builds your personality.

PS: Who is your biggest inspiration? Whose work has influenced you?

R6: Inspired by J. Cole, I feel 100% motivated. He’s neither a Dominican nor a Latino, but he really reflects how he’s in love with the life process he experiences while building music. His self-confidence and stride in the industry is what I want to radiate myself.

PS: Who is your audience? Who are you making music for?

R6: The food inspires me every day. The most common ones, such as kids playing on the street and our Teteo at night. I’m from Los Freres, but in my hometown, things from the bottom are always displayed at the top.

PS: What is your experience as a young woman in the male-led hip-hop space you occupy?

R6: That is my expressiveness. Here you are free to express your side that you don’t want to see because you’re not girly. I can literally deal with my anger while expressing myself, and thus help others identify with it. On the other hand, I’m a woman, so I want people to stop underestimating me. On the other hand, the person in my position understands that I have to do three times as much effort to reach any position.

PS: How do you define the state of music in the Dominican Republic today?

R6: I think it’s my country and our music is represented in places where previously only certain kinds of music could be made. Now we are taking our roots further due to the fact that we are learning from the mistakes of the past and from the victory of artists who have more experience today.

PS: Do you expect more from female Dominican artists like yourself?

R6: Freedom. I need more. I feel like it’s finally starting to move, but by not having complete independence as an artist. We really need the freedom to talk to the audience.

Image Source: Laura Morales

Meet Red 6xteen: Dominican Drill Rapper Coming for Her Crown
Originally posted on POPSUGAR Latina

Dominican rapper Red 6xteen is changing the drill rap game

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Polish Researchers Invent Anti-smog Sound Cannon



“We use vertical shock waves generated by the combustion of acetylene and air,” says Dominique Grivos on the right.

In the constant fight against Poland’s smog, scientists are experimenting with new “cannons” that use sound waves to push toxic particles into the atmosphere, allowing residents to breathe.

The experimental device sits on a metal container and consists of a large upside-down cone that makes a loud noise every 6 seconds.

The purpose is to track smog From Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, where the inhabitants face problems every winter in a heavily polluted state, like many Polish towns and cities. Heating system..

When the sun goes down, the chimneys spew out thick smoke, causing heavy smog to fall into the town.

Poland is one of the most polluted countries in Europe, violating EU standards by hundreds of percentage points at the worst of the year.

By creating sound waves, researchers can “Cannon“Helps reduce the concentration of harmful PM2.5 and PM10 particles in the town air.

“We use vertical shock waves generated by the burning of acetylene and air,” said Dominik Grybos of the Mining and Metallurgy Academy in Krakow, one of the inventors.

“The waves are Polluted air Higher, “he told AFP.

The Toxic particles It is sent hundreds of meters (yards) high and is harmless to the inhabitants.

The experimental sound “cannon”, as described by Polish researchers, can blow toxic particles into the sky hundreds of meters.

“We found that using the cannon for 30 minutes to an hour reduced pollution by 15-30% within a range of 2-3 km (1.2-1.9 miles) from the cannon,” says Grybos. He adds that the effect lasts “between 1 and 3 hours.”

Researchers are trying to calculate the required frequency of blast waves and the duration and time required for the entire procedure.

The price is estimated to be 1,000 to 1,500 zloty ($ 250 to $ 375) for one hour of use.

Mr. Grivos said he hopes that the invention will find commercial use, especially in Poland.

Residents of Kalwaria Zebrzydowska are in widespread support for this idea, despite the sound.

“The smog is very heavy here. The smell is so bad that I can’t deflate the apartment. If that helps, let them test,” said 43-year-old accountant Joranta Warkowich.

“I can hardly hear the sound. It’s like a fireworks display,” she added.

Toxic smog chokes Indian capital during Diwali celebration

© 2022 AFP

Quote: Polish researchers obtained the Anti-Smog Sound Cannon (January 20, 2022) from https: // on January 20, 2022. ) Was invented

This document is subject to copyright. No part may be reproduced without written permission, except for fair transactions for personal investigation or research purposes. Content is provided for informational purposes only.

Polish researchers invent anti-smog sound cannon

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Jake Paul Reportedly Earned $ 45 Million in 2021 and Logan Earned $ 18 Million.



Jake When Logan Paul It was a money-making machine in 2021 … People who turned from YouTube superstars to boxers reportedly made a total of $ 63 million over the past year.

Forbes We just released a list of the highest-paying influencers on social media platforms on Friday … Problem Child comes in second and is expected to generate $ 45 million in revenue.

The outlet reports that about $ 40 million of that Mula came through the boxing ring-Jake is defeating Ben Askren April and Tyron Woodley In August and December.

Whether or not Jake is considered a “real” boxer, the serious money he has in his pocket is indisputable-his income in 2021 made him among the top athletes last year. You put it in … Canelo AlvarezIt reportedly brought in $ 34 million.

Logan, who ranked 8th on Forbes’ YouTube list, reportedly earned $ 18 million in 2021 … Floyd Mayweather, His “Impaulsive” podcast, and other business opportunities.

Despite the insane profits of 2021, neither Jake nor Logan could beat Beast As the number one spot, the YouTube King brought only $ 54 million.

Jake Paul reportedly earned $ 45 million in 2021 and Logan earned $ 18 million.

Source link Jake Paul reportedly earned $ 45 million in 2021 and Logan earned $ 18 million.

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Florida Black Bear Killed After Attacking a Dog Walking Woman



Volcia County, Florida — A black bear in Florida was killed after attacking a woman walking a dog on Thursday night.

and Press releaseThe Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), along with the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, said it answered a call at DeBary around 9 pm about a woman who was injured by a black bear while walking her dog.

Upon arrival, the agent found an adult female bear of a yearling in a nearby tree.

“FWC bear biologists threw adult bears in trees and humanely killed them according to FWC policy to protect public safety,” FWC said in a press release.

The FWC refused to capture the yearlings because “three 100-pound yearlings are old enough to survive on their own.”

The woman was treated by EMS for a non-life-threatening injury. According to the FWC, her dog was not injured.

If you feel threatened by a bear, please contact the FWC Wildlife Alert Hotline (888-404-FWCC (3922)). Observe sick, injured, dead, or orphaned bears. Or report someone who is harming or intentionally feeding the bear. For more information on how to avoid bear-to-bear collisions, please visit: also

Florida black bear killed after attacking a dog walking woman

Source link Florida black bear killed after attacking a dog walking woman

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