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Genes Discovered in Georgia Waters Could Be a Global Threat



Credit: AIXabay / CC0 public domain

A gene has been detected in Georgia’s sewers that makes bacteria resistant to colistin, one of the world’s most important antibiotics. The presence of the MCR-9 gene is a major public health concern as it causes antimicrobial resistance. This is an issue declared by the World Health Organization to be “one of the top 10 public health threats facing humanity in the world.”

Researchers at the University of Georgia’s Food Safety Center (CFS) collected sewage from the urban environment of Georgia and tested the MCR gene for naturally occurring bacteria. The team, led by Issmat Kassem, an assistant professor at the University of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, is conducting research focused on the existence of MCRs around the world and was surprised to find MCRs quickly. They found evidence of the gene in the first sample taken.

Kasem said the gene is being established in the United States.

The bacterium Morganella morganii, whose gene was found, added further concerns about Kasem. This is the first time MCR has been discovered on M. morganii, which is problematic because it is a bacterium that is not frequently tested by researchers. This means that the problem can be much more extensive than originally thought.

Dissemination of MCR in agriculture, imports and travel

It was previously believed that agriculture was the driving force behind the spread of MCR. In countries such as China and India, colistin antibiotics are used in livestock. Colistin is considered a “last resort” antibiotic because it can kill infections that other antibiotics cannot. Its frequent use means that some bacteria have become resistant to it. This means that if a person or animal is infected with a strain of colistin-resistant strain, there may not be a cure for the infection. They face extreme and invasive health measures and the potential for death.

Colistin has been banned in the United States for use in food animals, and it was previously thought that this measure would help slow the spread of antimicrobial resistance to colistin in the United States. However, MCR can spread by traveling around the world and importing food from other countries. The results of the CFS study prove that the United States is as vulnerable to threats as any other country in the world.

Further complicating the matter is the way genes spread. It is transmitted by a plasmid. A plasmid is a strand of DNA inside a cell that can replicate on its own, independent of the cell. The antibacterial resistant plasmids found in one type of bacterium can infect other types of bacteria. It is possible that bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Salmonella, which commonly cause outbreaks in humans, can potentially carry MCR and change them from curable diseases to potentially deadly infections. Means there is.

How much do you need to worry about the MCR-9 gene?

Kasem said that the global threat of antimicrobial resistance, the presence of MCR in Georgia, its discovery inside commonly overlooked bacteria, and what happened without the use of colistin in US agriculture. He said it was a serious problem. It requires immediate action on the part of many industries, including research, healthcare and government, to work together towards a solution.

“If we don’t tackle it now, we’re endangering human and animal medicine as we know it, and it can have a huge impact on health and the economy,” Kasem said. Said. “This is a dangerous issue and requires attention from multiple sectors to tackle it properly.”

Due to this urgency, the findings are currently printed in short manuscripts. Global Antibacterial Resistance Journal.. It was funded through a CFS grant and other researchers involved were Jouman Hassan, David Mann, Shaoting Li and Xiangyu Deng.

The threat of “nightmare bacteria” resistant to the last resort antibiotic colistin

For more information:
Jouman Hassan et al, First report of the mobile colistin resistance gene mcr-9.1 in Morganella morganii isolated from sewage in Georgia, USA, Global Antibacterial Resistance Journal (2021). DOI: 10.1016 / j.jgar.2021.11.013

Quote: Gene discovered in Georgia waters, potential global threat (January 11, 2022) Obtained from January 11, 2022

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Genes discovered in Georgia waters could be a global threat

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Polish Researchers Invent Anti-smog Sound Cannon



“We use vertical shock waves generated by the combustion of acetylene and air,” says Dominique Grivos on the right.

In the constant fight against Poland’s smog, scientists are experimenting with new “cannons” that use sound waves to push toxic particles into the atmosphere, allowing residents to breathe.

The experimental device sits on a metal container and consists of a large upside-down cone that makes a loud noise every 6 seconds.

The purpose is to track smog From Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, where the inhabitants face problems every winter in a heavily polluted state, like many Polish towns and cities. Heating system..

When the sun goes down, the chimneys spew out thick smoke, causing heavy smog to fall into the town.

Poland is one of the most polluted countries in Europe, violating EU standards by hundreds of percentage points at the worst of the year.

By creating sound waves, researchers can “Cannon“Helps reduce the concentration of harmful PM2.5 and PM10 particles in the town air.

“We use vertical shock waves generated by the burning of acetylene and air,” said Dominik Grybos of the Mining and Metallurgy Academy in Krakow, one of the inventors.

“The waves are Polluted air Higher, “he told AFP.

The Toxic particles It is sent hundreds of meters (yards) high and is harmless to the inhabitants.

The experimental sound “cannon”, as described by Polish researchers, can blow toxic particles into the sky hundreds of meters.

“We found that using the cannon for 30 minutes to an hour reduced pollution by 15-30% within a range of 2-3 km (1.2-1.9 miles) from the cannon,” says Grybos. He adds that the effect lasts “between 1 and 3 hours.”

Researchers are trying to calculate the required frequency of blast waves and the duration and time required for the entire procedure.

The price is estimated to be 1,000 to 1,500 zloty ($ 250 to $ 375) for one hour of use.

Mr. Grivos said he hopes that the invention will find commercial use, especially in Poland.

Residents of Kalwaria Zebrzydowska are in widespread support for this idea, despite the sound.

“The smog is very heavy here. The smell is so bad that I can’t deflate the apartment. If that helps, let them test,” said 43-year-old accountant Joranta Warkowich.

“I can hardly hear the sound. It’s like a fireworks display,” she added.

Toxic smog chokes Indian capital during Diwali celebration

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Quote: Polish researchers obtained the Anti-Smog Sound Cannon (January 20, 2022) from https: // on January 20, 2022. ) Was invented

This document is subject to copyright. No part may be reproduced without written permission, except for fair transactions for personal investigation or research purposes. Content is provided for informational purposes only.

Polish researchers invent anti-smog sound cannon

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Jake Paul Reportedly Earned $ 45 Million in 2021 and Logan Earned $ 18 Million.



Jake When Logan Paul It was a money-making machine in 2021 … People who turned from YouTube superstars to boxers reportedly made a total of $ 63 million over the past year.

Forbes We just released a list of the highest-paying influencers on social media platforms on Friday … Problem Child comes in second and is expected to generate $ 45 million in revenue.

The outlet reports that about $ 40 million of that Mula came through the boxing ring-Jake is defeating Ben Askren April and Tyron Woodley In August and December.

Whether or not Jake is considered a “real” boxer, the serious money he has in his pocket is indisputable-his income in 2021 made him among the top athletes last year. You put it in … Canelo AlvarezIt reportedly brought in $ 34 million.

Logan, who ranked 8th on Forbes’ YouTube list, reportedly earned $ 18 million in 2021 … Floyd Mayweather, His “Impaulsive” podcast, and other business opportunities.

Despite the insane profits of 2021, neither Jake nor Logan could beat Beast As the number one spot, the YouTube King brought only $ 54 million.

Jake Paul reportedly earned $ 45 million in 2021 and Logan earned $ 18 million.

Source link Jake Paul reportedly earned $ 45 million in 2021 and Logan earned $ 18 million.

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Florida Black Bear Killed After Attacking a Dog Walking Woman



Volcia County, Florida — A black bear in Florida was killed after attacking a woman walking a dog on Thursday night.

and Press releaseThe Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), along with the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, said it answered a call at DeBary around 9 pm about a woman who was injured by a black bear while walking her dog.

Upon arrival, the agent found an adult female bear of a yearling in a nearby tree.

“FWC bear biologists threw adult bears in trees and humanely killed them according to FWC policy to protect public safety,” FWC said in a press release.

The FWC refused to capture the yearlings because “three 100-pound yearlings are old enough to survive on their own.”

The woman was treated by EMS for a non-life-threatening injury. According to the FWC, her dog was not injured.

If you feel threatened by a bear, please contact the FWC Wildlife Alert Hotline (888-404-FWCC (3922)). Observe sick, injured, dead, or orphaned bears. Or report someone who is harming or intentionally feeding the bear. For more information on how to avoid bear-to-bear collisions, please visit: also

Florida black bear killed after attacking a dog walking woman

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