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The Center for Entertainment & Civic Health Presents:”Hollywood…



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“Our country is at a critical moment, and entertainment can play an important role in helping bridge the gap between left and right in America,” said Dave Caplan, showrunner for the hit ABC show “The Conners.”

The Center for Entertainment & Civic Health, a newly launched Los Angeles-based organization dedicated to a mission of national depolarization through storytelling and entertainment, has announced today that veteran producer Abigail Disney (“The Armor of Light”, “Independent Lens”), writer and executive producer of “The Conners” Dave Caplan, “Cheers” alum Rob Long, writer Dean Batali (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “That 70s Show”), as well as Korie and Willie Robertson (“Duck Dynasty”, “At Home With the Robertsons”) and many others will join the panel line-up for the Center for Entertainment & Civic Health’s virtual kickoff event: “Hollywood and Storytelling In a Divided America.”

This unprecedented convening gathers Hollywood stakeholders from across the partisan spectrum under one virtual roof to explore entertainment’s untapped potential to help fix a deeply divided America. The event takes place Saturday, October 16th, 2021, from 10:00am to 1:00pm PST/1:00pm EST to 4:00pm EST and is presented by the Center for Entertainment & Civic Health (CFECH). With support from nonpartisan grant maker Civic Health Project and others, this newly launched Center will focus on harnessing the power of storytelling and entertainment to bridge America’s partisan divides and empower storytellers to embrace their unique role in reducing toxic polarization. Eighty-seven percent of Americans believe political polarization poses a threat to our country and fifty-nine percent believe entertainment media can help transform partisan conflict and bridge America’s divides. “Our country is at a critical moment, and entertainment can play an important role in helping bridge the gap between left and right in America. The Center for Entertainment & Civic Health is a new center of gravity for Hollywood to explore entertainment’s impact on polarization and its potential to foster civic health and pluralist norms,” said Dave Caplan, showrunner for the hit ABC show “The Conners.” This event marks a first for Hollywood by convening notable content creators, entertainment executives, social scientists, and leading nonprofit practitioners for a candid, cross-partisan exploration of the question: “Can popular entertainment help save a fracturing America?”

Through a mix of interactive panels, fireside chats, and ‘hot takes,’ attendees will gain inspiration and insight about how to strengthen a splintering nation. All attendees are encouraged to join the discussion and learn about narrative depolarization strategies and successful case studies from some of Hollywood’s most recognizable names in TV and film. This event is free, online, and open to the public. Registration is live and interested attendees can secure a virtual seat at the following link:

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“Former Mayoral Candidate and War Veteran Proposes Three Ways To…



Rodney Holt, Minister, Music composer, Podcast producer and Founder of the nonprofit public charity Balance Due worked for free for almost 6 years dispersing wisdom in the form of entertainment. He just released a new song The Root to All Evil. His new song espouses the evils of extreme wealth and if not subverted how it will cause the destruction of humanity as we know it. He declares in his own words his vision for the United States; Economic Harmony. Rodney says, there’s too much money in politics.

He believes, politicians income level should be more reflective of the communities that they represent. Now with the top one percent owning close to 50 percent of all the wealth, people have reason to believe capitalism is destroying democracy. We can with the lord’s guidance turn our democratic struggle into a beautiful reconciliation. The bible says, we can turn obstacles into blessings. Furthermore, with all the media devices, social networks and plethora of information researchers have found a short tension span is one of the harms it has created. Therefore, we must be sensational in terms of making a mental impact with our positive content just like ice cream, pizza, and cake we must hit the conscious, subconscious and the memory bank. Our goal, to aggressively facilitate music, pictures, video, and human contact.

Balance Due’s public charity aims to provide hope for the dispirited and unite the country during this worldwide season of discouragement. Rodney’s new song, The Root to All Evil promotes the sharing of wealth. He says, people receive miracles and blessing for being gracious and unselfish. The world is currently at an impasse and America needs healing. Democracy is hanging on a thin line if we don’t get this thing right soon it could all fall apart. Rodney believes his nonprofit public charity is vital in terms of mental health and the quality of life. He believes with the support of city government, and the community. Balance Due can bring a new era of effervescence and economic prosperity during this very perilous time. He aims to communicate effective ideas and creative ways that help break down barriers and build bridges. Rodney says, I’m optimistic we can achieve economic harmony by creating a more equitable and just economy with opportunity for all. Visit us and be the first name on our donor wall. Incomparable people support incomparable ideas. We can’t move these ideas and opportunities forward without your monetary support. Join us Today.

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CGTN America: China, U.S. Agree to Take Action to Bring Ties Back To…



Yang Jiechi (1st R) meets with U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan (1st L), in Zurich, Switzerland, October 6, 2021. /Xinhua

CGTN America releases “China, U.S. Agree to Take Action to Bring Ties back to Right Track after Switzerland Meeting”

Senior Chinese and U.S. officials agreed to work together to improve ties between the world’s two largest economies.

Yang Jiechi, a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist China (CPC) Central Committee, and Jake Sullivan, U.S. National Security Advisor, held a closed-door meeting in Zurich, Switzerland Wednesday, October 6. Both sides described the talks as “candid,” “comprehensive” and “constructive.”

“When China and the United States cooperate, the two countries and the world will benefit,” said Yang, who is also China’s highest-ranking diplomat. “When they are in confrontation, the two and the world will suffer seriously,” he added. China, Yang said, opposes the idea of defining the relationship as “competitive.”

The meeting reinforced positive momentum generated by the September 10 phone call between Chinese President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Joe Biden. The two heads-of-state agreed to strengthen strategic communication and avoid confrontation and conflict. Yang said China also attached importance to Biden’s declaration at the UN that the U.S. is not seeking “a new Cold War” with China.

The Chinese team stood firm on issues related to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Tibet, human rights, and the South China Sea, noting concerns raised by Sullivan. The U.S. team said Washington remained committed to its longstanding One-China policy.

The two sides also exchanged views on climate change – an issue for which there are strong overlapping interests.

“Whether China and the United States can handle their relations well bears on the fundamental interests of the two countries … as well as the future of the world,” said Yang.

Click here to read more about “China, U.S. Agree to Take Action to Bring Ties back to Right Track after Switzerland Meeting”–149akjhzZQs/index.html

This material is distributed by MediaLinks TV, LLC on behalf of CCTV. Additional information is available at the Department of Justice, Washington, D.C.

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STOP Faking Unity and LIVE IT Mayoral Elect Candidates Kirsten Elise…



Candidates Searles on the left and Dunn on the right at the GSU Mayoral Forum

“We are ready to fight for Atlanta and not over Atlanta; Our leadership together is a powerful duo……. VOTE DUNN GET 2 FOR ONE” – Kirsten Elise Dunn

VOTE DUNN = 2 for 1…….Mayoral Candidates Join Forces in the Atlanta Mayoral Race

Mayor Elect Candidates Roosevelt Searles and Kirsten Elise Dunn have decided to join forces in the race to become the 61st Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia.

Searles provided Dunn with an endorsement letter endorsing her as Mayor.

“It is my pleasure to announce my endorsement for Kirsten Dunn for Mayor of Atlanta. Our leadership for the city will be so impactful and the work to be done is vital!”

Searles made the final decision to endorse Candidate Dunn after attending the FREE Recession Proof your business class Dunn hosted on Friday, October 22nd.

Searles stated, “I previously considered uniting with Candidate Dunn prior to the meeting; I wanted to see her plans for the city. Friday I heard her passion and plans to support small businesses in Atlanta …….I was convinced.”

Dunn expressed, “It is an honor to receive the endorsement of Mr. Searles. Throughout this campaign process I have grown a massive amount of respect for several candidates. My entire focus on this campaign has been to create more UNITY in the city of Atlanta. Our number one problem in Atlanta is we are too divided. Together we are truly better.

As I receive the privilege of being the 61st Mayor of Atlanta I look forward to Mr. Searles serving as my Deputy Mayor.”

Together Dunn and Searles have created the #Reclaim Atlanta Plan. A beautifully crafted mix between Dunn’s One Atlanta Plan and Searles Reclaim Atlanta Plan.

“Under my leadership as Mayor, all plans from all the leaders that have been running for office will be discussed and merged together then presented to the citizens of Atlanta. We are truly One Atlanta! We all feel passionate about the city we love. Atlanta deserves a leader like me that will influence inclusion and give a platform and space for all the leaders in the city to lead.

When You Vote for Dunn you get 2 for 1. Mr. Searles and myself are real life trail blazers.”

The Dunn For Mayor Campaign is prepared to continue to run a community service campaign through a run off, if one is to occur.

November 12th, 2021 – FREE Recession Proof Your Business Class

Donations will be accepted for this class. All Donations will go to fund the Heaters for the Homeless Showers being released in downtown Atlanta, November 20th. Business owners and those interested in starting a business can register at

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